The best ways to enjoy outdoor at Casa de Campo.

Casa de Campo is characterized for being much more than, a tourist destination or a residential complex. In this small but intense piece of Caribbean paradise life becomes fascinating as if by magic. Here you will find fun, joy and, above all, a lot of entertainment. Because in Casa de Campo your holidays are special and you have to take advantage of them. Therefore, we at Allied Properties offer you a small list of activities and excursions so you can spend the best moments of the year during your holidays:

Excursions The “backyard” of Casa de Campo is as wide as the Dominican Republic. Visiting the capital, Santo Domingo, and its historic buildings is a very positive family experience to get to know the first city in America. Another fascinating venue is Altos de Chavón, an architectural marvel that recreates a sixteenth century Mediterranean villa. In Altos de Chavón is located the Archaeological Museum that becomes another one of the reasons to visit this beautiful venue.


Of all types and degrees of difficulty. Because there is nothing better than Casa de Campo as a representative of the “sporting life”: Did you know that we have a motocross circuit ?, or that Casa de Campo is one of the few and only venues in the Dominican Republic where you can make routes on a mountain bike or a ride? In addition, as a family and with the assurance that there is no open traffic of vehicles. You can also ride Vespa, buggies, horseback riding or know the most beautiful places in the golf carts that we put at your disposal. Other Casa de Campo activities include trekking, running, our complete gym, zipline, water sports, tennis, golf … Whatever you want and when you want!

Shooting club.

A sport of precision and fun that surprises everyone the first time it is practiced because of the different experience that one can imagine previously. Casa de Campo has the best shooting facilities in the Caribbean and has the best professionals for each modality. All you have to have is skill and confidence. Among other things, the confidence of knowing that you are among friends who know what they are doing and know what is to be done at all times. Show your courage and be surprised by yourself and this sport!

The marine.

Special mention deserves our treasure best care. If you are a lover of the sea, you will find here the best and most beautiful marina in the Caribbean. You can go sailing with your friends the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and know sports fishing modalities that require very temperate nerves to capture the best pieces. So you know, sail, relax and, above all, enjoy!

At Casa de Campo Resort & Villas you can spend your time doing as much or as little as you wish, the choice is yours alone. But what we are sure of, is that the only thing you will want is more time.

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