What we like the most about Casa de Campo villas

here are many ways to enjoy a luxurious Caribbean life, but definitely none resemble the experience of having your own personal space. A luxury villa, to become your home away from home, for the time you want, where to walk at ease, enjoying privacy or company at will, and their own schedules, that is everyone’s dream, less once in a lifetime. For this reason, everyone has their favorite reasons to enjoy a villa in Casa de Campo, these are ours:

  1.     Butler service and waitress for much of the day. From 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (and in some villas, even until 7:00 p.m.) you will not have to move a finger, the best Hollywood star style. From preparing light meals, packing and unpacking, cleaning, the villa’s staff will take pains to make you feel like a celebrity. And rest, above all.
  2.     Breakfast at the villa. Is there greater luxury than getting up late and finding breakfast ready? We believe not. Every day, the villa’s staff will provide you with the available menu, you just have to choose what your palate wants to start the day.
  3.     Basket of amenities. He has arrived in the Caribbean, prepared to enjoy the best vacations of his life, what better way to start it than with a drink of Dominican rum, one of the best in the world. That’s right, in his villa in Casa de Campo there are 3 bottles of rum and a bottle of sparkling wine with his name. Additionally, you can also enjoy a selection of seasonal fruits, cheeses and cookies to accompany the toast that opens your vacation.
  4.     2 golf carts! In the villas of 4 rooms onwards, you can enjoy, at least 2 golf carts, for 4 people each. You will need them to travel the more than 7,000 hectares that make up the Casa de Campo Resort complex. We augur untold laughter and fun in these tours.
  5.     The private pool Day or night, to sunbathe or swim under the stars, your private pool will be available 24 hours a day, for the duration of your stay at Home.
  6.     Chef in the villa. If the breakfast prepared by expert hands and our 13 restaurants are still not enough, you have at your disposal the chef service in the villa. Our chefs will go to you and cook your dinner, lunch, barbecue or whatever you like, in the comfort of your own villa. Just keep in mind that you must request this service 24 hours in advance and choose from the menu that we will provide. Then, good luck!
  7.     A fully equipped kitchen. If your vacation involves delighting your friends and family with your culinary talent, you are in the ideal venue: all the villas have a fully equipped kitchen with the most modern utensils: crockery, cutlery, European-style cabinets and granite countertops. A luxury house with a luxury kitchen, what else can the master chef inside ask?
  8.     Wifi. Check-in from the pool, send a whatsapp to your partner who is in the dining room check their social networks or send an email from the room, all this is possible thanks to free wireless internet throughout the villa.
  9.     Personalized check-in and orientation in the villa. One of our Concierge welcomes you upon arrival at Casa de Campo to accompany you to your private villa, and start your vacation. You do not have to stop at the hotel reception or wait for your key to be delivered. All the information and access you need will receive them in the comfort of your private refuge.
  10.     Private bathroom in each room. Each room has its own bathroom, and a luxurious yet comfortable bathroom, with Dominican marble, large shower and double sinks. Even some villas have whirlpool tubs.
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