How to enjoy to the maximum your stay at Casa de Campo

Everyone plans their next vacation, but how much time is enough for a perfect getaway? According to a scientific study, 8 days is the optimal duration to enjoy all its benefits without getting bored or having negative thoughts. With this in mind, we have built an itinerary of everything that can be accomplished in a week in Casa de Campo.

Explore at your own pace.

It is quite easy to move anywhere within the residential. After a hearty breakfast, decide if you want to marvel at the beautiful colors of the Marina, stroll the cobblestone streets of Altos de Chavón, or immerse yourself in the warm waters of Minitas Beach. Just know that wherever you are, you can enjoy delicious meals, snacks and drinks in any of the restaurants and bars of the Resort.

Practice a new sport.

Do you already feel full of energy? It’s time to burn it by practicing your favorite sport or trying a discipline that takes it out of your comfort zone. Golf is the undisputed king, but the other available sports have their charm. Whether it’s tennis, clay pigeon shooting, water sports, horse riding … You and your fellow travelers will have a lot to share about your sporting experience.

Get to know the island

Yes, it is true that Casa de Campo offers everything you may need during your stay, and much more. But after all, you are in paradise, so we invite you to know a little more about him. Ask us about excursions to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, so you can learn first hand your history as the First City of America when you walk through its charming Colonial Zone. Or if you prefer to explore two other miniature paradises, a boat trip will take you to the islands of Saona and Catalina, where you can swim among corals, taste the catch of the day, and take crafts made by locals.


Casa de Campo is renowned for being a destination for relaxation, but throughout the year there have been activities for all tastes and ages. Check Casa de Campo’s official calendar to find out about new concerts, parties, tournaments or charity dinners. If there are no events that match your stay, you will always have a guaranteed night at Genesis Nightclub, SBG or any of the bars and restaurants in the area.

Relaxation to the extreme.

We know that you already have a favorite corner on the beach or pool to read, take pictures or just enjoy the views. But now it’s time to relax 100%. We invite you to ask us about the spa and all the treatments it offers: from facials, sauna and massages to holistic experiences such as private yoga lessons and much more.

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